We are a small group of individual investors who have been actively investing in US stock market since the 2008 Great Recession. While we focus on several strategies including high growth strategy and dividend growth strategy, etc., we find dividend growth investing is the most resilient and easy way to follow strategy to help individual investors stay on the market and reap long term rewards.

If you are new to dividend stocks or thinking about investing in dividend stocks, this website teaches you basic knowledge and key components of dividend growth investing. There are many misunderstandings among millennials and Gen-Z investors. It is very important to understand key concepts correctly so to see for yourself why dividend growth investing is more resilient than even the most popular index investing.

Moreover, this website provides a rating system integrating key concepts and metrics of dividend growth investing. From time to time there will be high quality dividend stocks falling out of favors while still have enough financial strengths to continue to raise dividends. Although it is impossible to predict when those stocks will come back, the rating system helps you find those high quality stocks to generate long term sustabile income streams.

If you have any questions about the system or stocks that should be included in the system, please email dividendscorecard@gmail.com. Thank you and happy investing!!